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Walk in the Footsteps of the Poor and the Homeless

Statistics about Poverty Tell only Part of the Story

  • Almost 12,000 families in Colorado Springs are paying more than 50% of their income for rent.  (Gazette, 8/12/99)
  • At least 475 units of housing for the very low income have been lost in Colorado Springs in the last 18 months.  (Gazette, 8/12/99)
  • Women and children are the fastest growing homeless population nationally and in Colorado Springs.  (Housing Advocacy Coalition)
Go Beyond Statistics
"This kind of experience helps break down the us/them way of looking at things.  Through exposure we increase our understanding and lessen our fears and are thus more willing and able to build relationships."
- Urban Experience Participant
Take the Urban Experience Plunge

By plunging ourselves into the lives of the poor, for a brief time, we make clearer connections between our lives and the lives of the poor.  Urban Experience is an opportunity to spend a few hours, a day or a weekend immersing yourself in the lives of the poor and the homeless people in our community.

Urban Experience participants literally walk in the footsteps of the poor and homeless.  On foot and by bus we visit social service and advocacy organizations, share meals with poor and homeless people, participate in experiential activities and dialogue together to reach better understandings of what poverty is and why poverty exists.

An Experienced Facilitator

Esther Kisamore, MA Sociology, directs this experiential and informative program.  Esther has worked for over 30 years as a social worker, educator and activist.  Her personal commitment to alleviating poverty and extensive network of contacts, make her an invaluable resource for Urban Experience participants.

Urban Experience is designed for groups of eight or more people.  Fees are determined by program.  No one is denied participation for lack of funds.

Contact for the Urban Experience:  Esther Kisamore
Phone:  719-632-6189
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