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 Practicing Conflict Resolution Skills and Exploring the Spirit of Nonviolence
"One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal."

 - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our lives are saturated with violence from international politics and evening television to our daily interactions.  We are bombarded with violent images many time a day.  Violence becomes the norm and it is difficult to see alternatives.

Explore Options to Nonviolent Living

The Rose and Thorn Program is an opportunity to spend a few hours, a weekend or several weekly sessions immersing yourself in the study of nonviolence.

 We take our examples from people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Dolores Huerta, Gandhi and many others who have used nonviolence in personal and political situations.

 We use stories, role-plays, readings, discussions and theatre games to create a fun, challenging and engaging experience.

Practice Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

In an experiential forum, The Rose and Thorn Program teaches concrete techniques individuals can use to nonviolently resolve conflicts in their daily lives.  We create a safe space for you to identify your reaction to conflicts and explore alternatives.  Whether it be the workplace, at home or on the street, we help you expand your repertoire of tools you can use to resolve conflicts

Our Mission

The Rose and Thorn Program provides transformative experiences for individuals to explore nonviolent alternatives in resolving conflicts.  We believe there is power within each of us to transform violent and destructive situations into positive experiences.  We understand nonviolence to exist on a continuum and encourage all of us to seek the most appropriate ways to integrate nonviolence in our individual lives.  We hope through our work and in our lives to foster a more peaceful and just world

A Versatile Program

The Rose and Thorn Program offers nonviolence and creative conflict resolution trainings in schools, community organizations, work places and churches.  These trainings can be tailored to the needs of your group.

Our Education Team

Esther Kisamore, MA Sociology, began the Rose and Thorn program in 1994 while seeking alternatives to self-defense programs.  She is an avid student of nonviolence and committed to its practice.

Mary Sprunger-Froese, directs First Strike Theatre and enlivens Rose and Thorn Workshops with her extensive repertoire of theatre activities and passion for nonviolence.

Peter Sprunger-Froese, known locally for running the Bike Shop for homeless people, he brings his extensive knowledge of nonviolent history and philosophy and numerous personal stories to the Rose and Thorn Program.

Rose and Thorn

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