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Lead groups of youth, college students, and adults through a program of "Walking in the footsteps of the poor, for a weekend or a day or a few hours"; schedule is negotiable with the group.  Sensitize people to the local scene and the impact on the poor and unhoused, make the connection between local and global issues, the needs of the poor and structural injustice; educate and promote social change.

Require a minimum of a College degree and experience in group facilitation, some experience working with the poor, a plus; embracing our mission statement re. nonviolence and systemic injustice a must. Flexible hours, minimum 8-10 hours per week, possibility for expansion.

Salary: negotiable.

Benefit: Knowing you are making a contribution to the development of young minds with views which are in contrast to mainstream influences which pound folks daily.  The opportunity to open eyes and hearts is before you.  Present director can overlap until you are comfortable with the program.

For Information contact Esther Kisamore, Director Urban Experience at Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission 29 S. Institute, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903 Phone: 719 632-6189 or Fax resume to Fax: 719 632-0335


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