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Since 1990, First Strike Theatre has been taking swings at current social and political realities with satire and seat-of-the-pants energy.  Equally at home performing or protesting, troupers entertain and agitate in restaurants, concert halls, schools, libraries, churches and theaters, and at rallies, benefits and conferences for women's empowerment, peace in space, environmental alternatives, cultural diversity and global justice.

In 1995, First Strike received an award for excellence in arts from the Pikes Peak Arts Council, for "years of bringing the theatre of political satire to Colorado Springs, and the gifts of irreverence, originality, humor and passion to many venues."


Three of us are original founders, hardcore long-termers who still love each other as much as we spar and star together.  Additional troupers join us for events, projects and long-term involvement.  We're all actor-vists who get a kick from the power of people to create change.  We specialize in creating musical revues, and have struck some fine chords with drama and stories from life, too.  We invent original pieces and use the best of peace and justice movement resources for skit and song.


"Masterfully blending humor and pathos, this small, but extremely talented and versatile troupe invariably manages to stir our sense of irony and incite our highest sense of humanity.  We are challenged and provoked.  We carry away from each performance a new realization of our lethargy toward the status quo and a revitalized commitment toward our true priorities."
 - Richard Jones-Christie

"Where intolerance and violence are too quickly accepted as responses to conflict, First Strike's humorous and potent satire is greatly needed to challenge commonly held stereotypes and perspectives and to suggest alternatives... I have always left taking a piece of the show with me in the form of questions, thoughts and emotions.  Some of these stay with me for days and weeks, and in some cases, forever."
 - Susan Gordon

"Spunky... sassy... theater with a bite and a message..."
 - The Gazette


From skits and shtick to full-blown shows, we have a mountain of material and a ripping repertoire.

Custom-made appearances for peace and justice events and groups.

Topical shows that educate and invite, entertain and incite.

We're friendly and fair in negotiating fees, and promote access for all.

Contact for First Strike Theatre:  Mary Sprunger-Froese
Phone:  719-471-3405     Email:
A Voice for Social Justice and Nonviolence



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