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Frequently folks ask what the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission does. In response we whip out an impressive list of programs complete with names of presenters, locations and times etc. But there is a world view, a belief system that underlies those programs and which gets us involved in coalitions, in giving support services and in "rapid response" kinds of activities that aren't on the calendar. 

Our resources -- personnel and material -- are limited and so we rejoice when other groups form to challenge injustice or violence or the degradation of the environment.  In some instances we increase ours and their impact by coalescing.  We work very closely with the Citizens for Peace in Space, directed by PPJPC member, Bill Sulzman. He has worked mightily for many years both here and abroad to raise awareness around our nation's illegal domination of Space and it's immoral war making from space.  We are part of a statewide coalition spearheaded by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (Boulder) working for the rights of prisoners, to stop prison building and to create alternatives to incarceration A group of four Commission members went to Iraq in the fall of 1999. Since their return they've worked hard to raise awareness around the issue of our sanctions of Iraq with teach-ins, letter writing campaigns, speakers forums, demonstrations, etc. We are a member of the Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War. We are a member of the Colorado Coalition Against the Death Penalty. 

We often lend support to other persons and groups whose philosophy is consonant with ours.  Our theater component, First Strike Theatre, performs in numerous venues throughout the state, and beyond, at the invitation of various activist groups. The director of Rose and Thorn (an exploration of nonviolent self-defense) is frequently invited to speak or do demonstration mini-workshops. Our newspaper, Active of Justice, is able to educate and promote many issues and events which, though lacking our direct involvement, share our passion for justice and peace.

And then there are those happenings that nobody schedules: a policeman kills a mentally disturbed person; a nonviolent peace activist is arrested; the state executes a man; the environment is endangered; war is threatened; pending legislation needs support (or challenge); low income houses are demolished (again!); etc. Because our resources are limited we are not always able to respond but we try, especially if there is no one else to pick up the ball.  So, there's never a dull moment at 29 South Institute. 
Phone: 719-632-6189
A Voice for Social Justice and Nonviolence