Office phone: 719-6212-6181  -  Address: 29 S. Institute, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Statement of Concern


The Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission remains firmly committed to helping our community work together for a just and non-violent response to the recent attacks and to future threats of terrorism against the United States, and in the world beyond our borders. We believe that these issues cannot be resolved by the United States’ government’s present use of the rhetoric and weapons of “war.” To do so will inevitably lead to an escalation of violence and terrorism, with many innocent casualties. 

We believe that justice for those guilty of global terrorist acts can only come through enforcement of international law, with due process. The Commission is also concerned that the United States not react to the threat of terrorism with measures which reduce or ignore the civil rights of our own diverse citizenry and others entitled to the protection of our constitution. The threat of terrorism cannot justify government actions which discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of their race, ethnic background, or religion. 

An ultimate resolution of the problem of terrorism within our borders and abroad can only come through non-violent means, growing out of a greater understanding of the root causes of hatred and the transforming power of global relationship, reconciliation, and community. The Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission pledges to continue to work for such a resolution. 


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The Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission is composed of people who, while looking to other traditions for inspiration and welcoming the participation and membership of all people, are grounded in the principles of justice and peace which are integral to the teachings of Jesus:
Reverence for all creation...
The power of nonviolence...
Solidarity with the poor and oppressed...
The transforming qualities of relationship, reconciliation and community

Our task is to facilitate growth toward justice and peace in ourselves and in our sisters and brothers of the Pikes Peak community by providing alternative sources of information, facilitating formative experiences, and encouraging prophetic witness.

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 "We must become the
change we desire."
- Gandhi
A Voice for Social Justice and Nonviolence
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